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Mondays are better when you love your team

Let's CREATE the right team for your business

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It’s Sunday night...and the panic sets in. When your team isn’t performing and your people are not engaged, it’s hard to go to work with a smile on your face. These “Monday blues” are closely tied to low morale and high turnover, two things that cost businesses an unnecessary amount of time, money, and not to mention, their best talent. But I believe there’s a better way to experience work. It all comes down to designing your team to match your business goals, then hiring the right people to fill the roles that amplify your vision, then investing in the health of the team always in all ways. The best part? This doesn’t have to involve the high costs of a firm or risky methods that result in more bad outcomes. I can show you the way!

“Amanda is transparent, efficient, and spot-on. Amanda was able to get to the heart of the challenges I was facing and knew how to handle sticky situations diplomatically. Every part of the process was important, enjoyable, and do-able. She’s a real pro.”
— Amy Lazarus, CEO, InclusionVentures

I help businesses to achieve their big goals and dreams.

I work with women-owned organizations and entrepreneurs to build productive, thriving teams and businesses. I help them to strategize on what they need in a team, to hire well, and to invest in culture so that business succeeds.

And when the business succeeds, everyone wins! You love work, your team loves work, the business thrives, and work is fun (I swear). 

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How much are bad hires costing you?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a bad hire costs an organization at least 30% of the bad hire’s first-year earnings.